Childhood Development Associate Preparation


This curriculum has been approved by the Council for Professional Recognition in Early Childhood Education and is based on a core set of competency standards. SUNY CCC is an approved educational provider for the Council.  Completing this micro-credential allows students to meet part of the requirements to apply for a Child Development Associate (CDA), a nationally accepted credential awarded by the Council for Professional Recognition. Students must meet all eligibility requirements prior to the application process for the CDA. Eligibility requirements include field observation hours at an approved site and submission of a portfolio.

Council for Professional Recognition in Early Childhood Education

The micro-credential is 12 credits and is comprised of the following courses:

ECED 1120 Observing and Recording the Behavior of Young Children

An introduction to methods of making behavioral records of young children, both as clinical tools in a “helping” relationship and as guides for curriculum planning of teachers. (3 cr. hrs.) (Fall, Spring). Lecture/ Projects/Field assignments and/or observations.

ECED 1130 or ECED 1140:

ECED 1130 The Infant & Toddler: Development & Practice

The complex process of development in the human infant from cognitive, and emotional areas with suggestions for activities to promote optimal infant development. (3 cr. hrs.) (Fall/Spring). Lecture/Projects/ Field assignments and/or observations. Attachment: Curriculum, Outcomes, Course Descriptions, and Course Sequence/Timeline

ECED 1140 Methods & Materials in Early Childhood Education

An introduction to activities suitable for young children and ways of using activities to foster physical, emotional, intellectual, and social growth. Lesson planning is taught and practiced. (3 cr. hrs.) (Fall, Spring). Lecture/Projects/Field assignments and/or observations.

ECED 2960 Field Experience: Early Childhood

Demonstration of competencies learned, written documentation and participation in an early education seminar. (6 cr. hrs.) (Fall, Spring). Prerequisites: A grade of C or higher in ECED 1120 and either ECED 1130 or 1140, and instructor’s consent. Practical experience through a minimum of 225 hours of supervised work. (Students who are employed in a state-approved early childhood education setting have the option of preparing for CDA application.)