Engineering Science

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Our Program

The Engineering Science A.S. program is designed for those who love learning how things work and enjoy solving problems. Our passionate professors use a curriculum filled with critical thinking, hands-on experiments, and data interpretation that will prepare you for your next step.  Program Outline


The Engineering Science A.S. program prepares students to transfer for career goals including the following:
Job Title Degree Needed Regional/State Job Outlook Regional/State Average Entry Earnings
Civil Engineers Bachelor's Favorable / Very Fav. $66,290 / $65,230
Electrical Engineers Bachelor's Favorable / Favorable $72,520 / $71,410
Environmental Engineers Bachelor's Favorable / Favorable $60,350 / $66,270
Materials Engineers Bachelor's Favorable / Favorable - / $76,240
Mechanical Engineers Bachelor's Very Fav. / Favorable $68,290 / $67,180


Our Faculty

Department Chair, Technology, Engineering, Computing: Joe DeLeone

Program Contact

Brad Cole, ADI STEM