Mathematics and Science

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The Program

The Mathematics and Science AS program is designed for students looking for a broader education, but prefer to focus on math and science. Our professors will teach you how to think critically, solve problems, and perform experiments, all while maintaining an ethical mindset.  

Program Outline

Careers By The Numbers

The Mathematics and Science AS program prepares students to transfer for career goals including:
Job Title Degree Needed Regional/State Job Outlook Regional/State Average Entry Earnings
Actuary Bachelor's Degree - / Favorable - / $82,580
Zoologist and Wildlife Biologist Bachelor's Degree Favorable / - $60,320 / $62,030
Chemist Bachelor's Degree Favorable / Favorable - / $59,930
Veterinary Doctoral or Professional Degree Very Favorable / Favorable $76,720 / $78,570
Math and Science College Professor Doctoral or Professional Degree Very Favorable / Favorable $62,930 / $58,730
Operations Research Analyst Bachelor's Degree Very Favorable / Favorable $63,720 / $63,000
Statistician Master's Degree Very Favorable / - $76,210 / -


Our Faculty Adds Up

Math: Julie Croteau, George Hurlburt, Jayashree Hurlburt, Ray LaBounty, Kevin Martz, Hatesh Radia, Kathleen Speicher
Science: Deb Dann, Edward Franklin, Brenda Gustin, Eriko Heise, Robert Koble, Sri Kamesh Narasimhan, David Pindel, Donna Moore Powers, Matthew Skerritt, Ruth Wenner, Kyle Williams

Program Contact

Brad Cole, ADI STEM

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