Teaching Assistant II Micro-Credential


The Teaching Assistant II Micro-credential prepares students with college coursework for the New York State Department of Education Teacher Assistant Level II.

Stackable to Degree Program

This micro-credentials aligns with requirements for the Directed Studies A.S. and the proposed revision of the Childhood Education A.S. should students choose to continue their education after obtaining the micro-credential.

The Teaching Assistant II Micro-credential is 9 credits and comprised of the following courses:

PSYC 1101- Introduction to Psychological Science (3 cr.)

EDUC 1010- Foundations of Education (3 cr.)

Program Elective- Guided program electives to be determined in consultation with mandatory advising and tailored towards  the population and setting the student anticipates working with/in: 
HUSR 1221 Therapeutic Crisis Intervention*, ECED 1110 Introduction  to Early Childhood, ECED 1120 Observing and Recording Behavior of Young Children, ECED 1140 Methods and Material of Early Childhood Education, ECED 1150 Partnering with Families, Schools, Communities, MATH 1130 Mathematics for Elementary Teachers,  EDUC 2050 Schools and Society,  EDUC 1560 or EDUC 2040- Special Education and the Inclusive Classroom or Teaching in Diverse Classroom, PSYC 2207 Child Psychology,  or PSYC 2208 Adolescent Psychology.

*Students choosing HUSR 1221 ( 2 credits) must also take an additional 1 credit Wellness course.