21st Century Personal Significance

In today’s information overload age, most people face the challenge of maximizing the two most important aspects of life - relationship and time. The session focuses on simple, everyday improvements, that participants can realize immediately and continuously throughout their lives. Participants in this highly interactive session, can expect to gain in-depth knowledge to improve the four most important personal and professional life skills. They will learn personal success and excellence comes first, before they can become personally significant, which is about leading, influencing others, and giving back. Success can be determined by achievement of a goal or objective. Success is adding value to yourself. Significance is adding value to others. Success can last a lifetime; significance can last several lifetimes. This knowledge sharing session greatly simplifies and focuses on sharing knowledge in the four most important life skills, everyone should know how to maximize. The skills are emotional intelligence, great communication, trust, and life balancing.

This session will commence with a knowledge assessment and end with a comprehension assessment. The results of these assessments will determine how much each participant’s knowledge has improved.

At the completion of this learning session, the attendees will receive a course knowledge guide. This guide highlights the knowledge shared so they can concentrate on the information and not worry about taking copious notes.

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