Arc Flash Safety

NFPA 70E: One of the four major occupational exposures to injury is contact with live electrical current. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, contact with electrical current resulted in 360 fatal accidents, accounting for four percent of all fatal injuries that occur in the workplace. NFPA 70E 2015 is recognized as the industry standard for best management practices to prevent these events. This class is designed for those working with and around electrical systems.

Discussion focuses on electrical safe work practices and includes a: (1) review and discussion of the effects of electricity on humans and electrical safety work practices including lockout/tagout; (2) review and discussion of NFPA 70E requirements, tables and requirements for voltage meters and test equipment; (3) review and discussion of required Personal Protective Equipment, Voltage Rated tools, their care and use; and (4) hands-on and table top exercises to demonstrate lessons learned.

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