Grant Writing and Fund Development

Grant funding and the requirements of funders have changed over the years. Beyond just requests for money, grants become an appeal and a plan for how the applicant will use the money to benefit the community.

This course focuses on preparation methods, research of funding sources and strategies for meeting application requirements, writing tips, project planning and budgeting, submission of successful, competitive health, human services, educational, government and non-profit grant applications, and follow up evaluation and reporting methods. This course explores alternative funding sources, fundraising and fundraising projects.

After the skills and expertise of the program staff, funding can be the next critical piece needed to develop and maintain a successful program or agency. This course will provide students with an understanding of the important skills needed for successful grant writing and fundraising campaigns.

Class participants will learn the skills necessary to turn an idea into a funding proposal. A variety of fundraising strategies will be covered, including a class applied learning activity with a local agency.

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