Green Supply Chain Professional (Online)

The Certified Green Supply Chain Professional Online Training course will give you the specialized knowledge to enable a company to achieve its environmental sustainability goals through global sourcing, materials management, procurement and buying, transportation and logistics, and new product development. This course will help you learn the essentials of green product standards and labeling as well as how to develop sustainability supplier courses, implement sustainable business practices, apply lean and green manufacturing strategies, and integrate these practices across the extended supply chain. By the end of this course, you will be prepared to take the Senior Certified Sustainability Professional Certification (SCSP) or Green Supply Chain Professional Certification (GSCP) offered by Green Supply While these are not state or national certifications, once you pass, you will have earned the course credentials and are entitled to use the SCSP or GSCP designation after your name.

This sustainability certification is essential for professionals working in or preparing for leadership roles tasked to support the sustainable business practices and goals of their organization. Professionals who need to create collaborative partnerships in order to improve sustainable business practices throughout the supply chain will also benefit from this course, as will sustainability consultants who must analyze green challenges for their clients and develop supply-chain strategies. Managers, directors, or vice presidents whose departments are within the operations or supply-chain groups and have responsibility for implementing green supply-chain practices will find this training useful. Lastly, for those professionals who need to develop collaborative supplier partnerships with OEM organizations they support as a Tier I or II supplier.

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