Alfred University Center

We created the University Center for students who find attending traditional residential colleges problematic because of everyday life circumstances – perhaps work, family, or the need to stay close to home make it difficult for you to attend classes on campus Monday through Friday during the day. Once enrolled, you can earn a bachelor’s degree, as part of the bachelor’s degree completion program, primarily on the SUNY Corning campus and at a reduced tuition.

To accommodate students in these circumstances, classes meet on weeknights or Saturdays. Hybrid courses (a combination of direct contact class meetings and online class meetings) are incorporated into the curriculum to allow students to complete the program within 2 calendar years, providing a student follows the established sequence for a particular major.

The University Center is a collaboration between SUNY Corning and Alfred University. We are pleased to offer the following degree programs:

Early Childhood/Childhood Education Bachelor's Degree Completion Program

Psychology Bachelor's Degree Completion Program

The Alfred University / SUNY Corning collaboration also includes opportunities to earn master’s degrees:

Master's of Science in Education in Literacy

Master's of Science in Education in Inclusive and Special Education