Educational Professional Award

Kim NightingaleKimberly K. Nightingale '90

2023 Perry Education Professional Awardee

Kim graduated Corning Community College in 1990. She currently serves as the Academic Head of the Alternative School of Math and Science in Corning, NY. After CCC, Kim attended SUNY at Buffalo where she received a dual degree in Special Education and Elementary Education.

CCC was not actually her first choice, it was her parents. They appreciated that it was affordable and local. Fortunately, CCC proved to be a great place to start and contributed to her being successful as she began higher education. CCC’s campus gave her a chance to mature and grow which taught her how to handle being away from home for the first time.

Henry “Hank” Moonschein, who taught English at CCC and ran the theatre department during her time on campus provided Kim with one of her most memorable experiences on campus. As sheKim at theatre approached gradation in the spring of 1990, Kim learned she would be 2 credits shy. Hank was looking for a theatre intern and would give Kim her first shot at directing.

Since then she has directed several shows and currently runs the theatre department for ASMS. Kim especially loves sharing theatre with children. Theatre gives children an experience that cannot get anywhere else. It can boost confidence, foster friendships, and provide life long memories.

While teaching private swim lessons in Winchester, VA she met the superintendent of the area school system while teaching her granddaughter. Kim was offered her first teaching job even before she finished her degree after a mock interview with the superintendent. Eventually, she moved back to the Corning area and would teach at Northside Blodgett Middle School, West High School, and East High School before landing a teaching position at ASMS thirteen years ago.

Kim and Family

CCC is truly a family affair for Kim. Two of her siblings also attended CCC; her husband, Dan Nightingale also an alumni, is now an instructor at the College; and her daughter completed CCC’s nursing program in the Spring of 2023.