Hall of Fame Criteria and Form

Selection Criteria:

Student Athlete
• Participated in Athletics at CCC for at least one season
• Removed from participation at CCC for at least five (5) years
• Outstanding as evidenced by such accomplishments as an All-Conference, All-Region, or All-American selection in the sport(s) for which they are nominated in
• Exhibited acceptable standards of conduct during competitions, as a student on campus, and as a citizen in the community
• Minimum GPA of 2.0 while a student at CCC
• Graduation from CCC is preferred although not required. However, the athlete must have ended his/her community college athletic career at CCC
• Maximum of 3 (three) inductees each year

• Outstanding performance and contribution to the Athletics program and the athletes they coached/served as evidenced by such accomplishments as coach of the year, wins, championships, etc., while supporting the educational programs of the College and contributing to future success of the Institution and/or the athletes who compete under his/her leadership
• Maximum of 1 (one) inductee each year

• Outstanding/special contribution to the support, growth, popularity, and/or community/campus acceptance of the intercollegiate Athletics program
• Maximum of 2 (two) inductees each year


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