Professional Achievement

Nicole BurtNicole A. (Matkosky) Burt '99

Eileen M. Collins '76 Professional Achievement Award Recipient

Nicole Burt is a scientist, director, and teacher. By focusing on at risk youth, Nicole has been able to put the Associates of Science, Bachelors in Biology, and Masters in Biology/teaching to good use. Over the years, Nicole's strengths at Wings of Eagles Discovery Center have helped to educate thousand of students on going to Mars and beyond. Nicole works year round to help students achieve their goals of graduating and moving to their next phase in life. She helps students and adults foster their love of the world around them
and the understanding of the phenomenon that makes this world amazing.

Nicole has been influencing youth and helping teachers since the day she began her teaching career in 2003.  In that time, she has reached out to others not only in her exciting and exploratory science classroom but also through her work with NASA as an educational support teacher and curriculum outreach creator as well as her continuing work for Wings of Eagles.  Her work has not only allowed Nicole to shape the lives of at-risk students, but to also inspire students to truly see the world around them and how that world contains so many opportunities for them in the fields of science, technology and math.   

In addition, Nicole has a heart for helping teachers, who have also made a commitment to helping students, grow and learn.  She has been deeply involved in the establishment of curriculum that assists teachers in the teaching of science, the use of scientific data and the concepts of atmosphere, soil, and hydrology.   She is currently employed by BOCES where she teaches science to at-risk youth in the Alternative Program, grades 9-12.  In addition she is also an educational and curriculum liaison for the Wings of Eagles Science and Discovery Science.   Her dedicated work to obtain grants, enabled Wings of Eagles to establish their two scientific "escape rooms" where students engage in hands-on, interactive methods involving a NASA Martian Base as well as Mission Control.  Nicole has also secured grants that enabled Wings of Eagles to establish "Mission Liftoff!: Early Stem Engagement to Transform the Trajectory for At-Risk Youth."    

Nicole Burt centerOn top of her endless support for the Wings of Eagles program, Nicole is also a member of the local Lions Club where she served as president in the past and is currently in charge of their eyeglass program.  She is a member of the National Science Teachers Association and was past president of the Earth's Spirit Society at SUNY Corning Community College.