Founders Community Partner

IDADevelopers, business owners, and entrepreneurs. Municipalities, colleges, and hospitals. They all benefit from the resources, skills, support and expertise of Jamie, Jill, Kathy, and JC at the Steuben County IDA. But their influence is much broader than the size of their modest team. Though it might not be obvious to the casual observer, their fingerprint can be seen locally, regionally, and even globally at times. 

They’re integral to the retention and creation of thousands of jobs throughout Steuben County every year. The Steuben County IDA works with employers and communities to leverage valuable private, state and federal resources worth billions of dollars, bringing economic growth and sustainability to the region. 

From the big to the much, much smaller, projects around the county benefit from the IDA’s expertise and support. IDA staff led the regional initiative to develop the area’s workforce, which kicked off in 2018. The I-86 Workforce project brought leaders from across industries together to tackle pipeline and training issues head-on, develop strategies, and maintain processes that keep the entire region on track.  

Over the past 20 years, IDA projects have leveraged more than $2 billion in private investment which, in 2019, generated $9.9 million in revenue to municipalities and school districts throughout Steuben County. During this past year, these projects generated $206 million in private investment and $833 million in payroll throughout Steuben County. 

Through the support of the Steuben County IDA, SUNY Corning Community College has received $6 million in state grant funding for the Health Education Center and nearly $17 million in construction funding for Perry Hall. In the past year, the Steuben County IDA also played a critical role in securing $1 million in grant funding for the STEAM Innovation Zone, which includes a Mechatronics Lab, STEAM Design Center, and a Makerspace. 

The Steuben County IDA is an absolutely critical element of our area’s success. The work of this small but mighty team is crucial to the continued growth of our region, and our ability to get expertise, knowledge, experience, and resources out to the people who work, live, learn, and even sometimes play right here in the Southern Tier.