Chuck Edmister & Linda Patrick

Chuck Edmister and Linda PatrickWhen Linda Patrick was 11-years-old, her mother had back surgery. Despite receiving the very best care that was provided to patients in the mid 1940s, her mother came home from the hospital covered with bed sores. In the months that followed, as Linda ministered to her mother’s needs, her future became clear: Linda wanted to become a nurse. Moreover, she decided that her patients would never go home covered with bed sores.

Linda’s 50-year career was highlighted with promotions and success stories. She was a Registered Nurse at the Corning Hospital, became the first Administrator of Founder's Pavilion, and served on the New York State Board of Elderly Care. To recognize Linda’s contributions to the profession and to ensure that finances do not hinder the very best people from following in her footsteps, the Linda Patrick and Chuck Edmister Nursing Scholarship was recently endowed by the CCC Development Foundation.

Established by Charles, Linda’s husband of more than 30 years, the scholarship will be awarded annually. Preference will be given to a student who is enrolled full-time in Corning Community College’s Nursing program, intends to pursue a bachelor’s degree, and is a graduate of a high school in the Southern Tier/Finger Lakes area of New York State or the Northern Tier of Pennsylvania.

“Linda was the kind of nurse every patient wants,” said Charles. “She loved her profession. She was as talented as she was kind. And when she trained her successors, she emphasized compassion and competence. She left them with big shoes to fill.”