Digital Dome

Join the campaign to reimagine the SUNY Corning Community College Planetarium as the Digital Dome Theater and bring an immersive learning environment to the Greater Corning Community. 

 "We cannot educate today's students with yesterday's technology and expect tomorrow's success."
- Albert Einstein  

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SUNY CCC has a vision to transform our campus into a STEAM Innovation Zone where Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics can ignite the spark for learning in a flexible, well-equipped, technology-rich environment for students, faculty, industry, and community partners to collaborate and innovate.

The Digital Dome will feature upgraded digital projection equipment and, more importantly, an updated vision to support innovative learning across multiple disciplines for all ages.

The Impacts:

  • Engage students in biology, astronomy, environmental science, and art.              

    New planetarium software will open the Dome to interdisciplinary learning opportunities and increases the hands-on learning potential for traditional lessons in biology, astronomy, environmental science, art, and more!

  • Create community partnerships with local schools to provide students immersive learning experiences.

    Community is our middle name. Therefore, it is a priority to engage local elementary, middle, and high schools to provide an immersive learning environment in the Dome. With their help we will develop custom programs that support grade-level benchmarks in science and social studies.

  • Enhance learning and interest in STEAM fields through partnerships with community youth organizations.

We know that students who have the opportunity to learn in planetariums, museums, and zoos increase positive attitudes toward the subject matter and learning in general. This positive attitude translates to the spark that increases retention and lifelong interest in that subject matter.

  • Create a culture of learning by providing compelling mixed reality experiences.   

    The Dome will offer hands-on learning experiences, a proven strategy for increasing and ensuring students retain what they learn. State of the art galaxy-cruising technology will allow us to create virtual learning experiences that extend beyond campus, supporting virtual educational environments.

The new theater will feature upgraded digital projection equipment and, more importantly, an updated vision to support innovative learning across multiple disciplines for all ages.

The Features:

  • Three-Dimensional Models

  • Cloud Library

  • Dome Casting

  • Mixed Reality Experience

  • 5K Laser Projection

  • Sound System

  • Production Station

  • Support Specialist