Place Purpose Passion

When Jennifer O’Hara was young, she wanted to be a singer and contemplated a run for United States President. Dissuaded only by the level of campaigning that would be necessary for that position, she chose a career in corporate law and spent time as an executive director. Eventually, Assistant Professor O’Hara found her place, her purpose, and her passion: helping CCC students learn.

“Seeing the light bulb go off is the best part of teaching,” said Assistant Professor O’Hara, who teaches business law. “I teach using the Socratic Method in the classroom and so most of what goes on is a very engaged, involved conversation.”

Although she frequently invokes humor and works hard to keep the classroom atmosphere light, Assistant Professor O’Hara also recognizes that some of the best learning happens when students are allowed to discuss current events and difficult issues.

“When I can see they want to talk about something, I work hard to weave the topic into my material,” said Assistant Professor O’Hara. “I want my class to prepare students for life, to give them the tools they need to make the right ethical choices, which will always help them make the right legal choices.”

That’s in class. What’s Assistant Professor O’Hara like outside of class?
On Saturday mornings, she likes to listen to NPR, have a cup of coffee and watch the wildlife in her backyard. She dislikes grocery shopping. And, if she could pick one historical event to witness first hand, it would be the day women’s suffrage was passed.