Attention high school students! Are you ready to fast-track your journey towards a college degree while still in high school? If so, our Concurrent Enrollment Program  is your golden ticket to academic success and a seamless transition to higher education!
Accelerated College Education (ACE) is a concurrent enrollment program in which high school students take SUNY CCC courses at their high school, earning college credit through SUNY CCC while completing their usual high school requirements. SUNY Corning Community College is the region's first choice for high school students to become involved with concurrent enrollment programs and post-secondary experiences. 

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Why ACE? The ACE Advantage

1. Accelerated College Education (ACE) Credits: Imagine earning real college credits while you're still in high school. With our ACE courses, taught by qualified high school instructors in collaboration with SUNY CCC, you can do just that! These credits are not just placeholders; they're the stepping stones to your future success. All ACE classes are taught by high school instructors who have received adjunct faculty certification by SUNY CCC.

2. Streamlined Transfer Process: Worried about the hassle of transferring credits? Fear not! Our program ensures that your ACE credits transfer easily to SUNY CCC, where you can complete your associate's degree without missing a beat. It's like having a direct pathway to your college dreams!

3. Jump-Start Your Bachelor's Degree: Completing your associate's degree is just the beginning. With our program, you'll be on the fast track to taking advantage of the SUNY seamless transfer program with four-year schools, where you can continue your academic journey and earn your bachelor's degree. Plus, our transfer pathways and articulation agreements to non-SUNY schools and advanced degree programs make the process smooth sailing!

4. Personalized Support Every Step of the Way: We're not just here to hand you a syllabus and wish you luck. Our dedicated team of advisors and support staff are with you every step of the way, providing guidance, encouragement, and resources to ensure your success. Your goals are our goals!

5. Save Time and Money: By earning college credits in high school and completing your associate's degree efficiently, you're not just accelerating your education—you're saving time and money in the process. It's a win-win situation for you and your future!


  • Explore new academic disciplines
  • Choose from more than 60 college courses
  • Take challenging in-depth college courses
  • Experience the rigorous standards, high-quality faculty, and academic advantages of a NACEP accredited institution
  • Enjoy part-time SUNY CCC student status
  • Transfer to more than 300 colleges across the country
  • Join Phi Theta Kappa--an academic honor society that offers $36 million in scholarships
  • Build academic confidence
  • Enhance your college admission profile
  • Alleviate the high stakes testing associated with AP and IB courses

Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to kickstart your college journey and open doors to endless possibilities. Join our Concurrent Enrollment Program today and chart a course towards a brighter tomorrow!

Ready to take the first step? Contact us now to learn more and enroll in our program. Your future awaits! 


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Originally called the College Level Education Program (CLEP), ACE began in 1972 as a collaboration between Elmira City School District and SUNY CORNING, offering one calculus course at the two Elmira high schools. By 1987, ACE, now expanded to six high schools, had 185 students. The program evolved into a partnership among these schools, BOCES, and SUNY CORNING and today ACE spans 40 schools in Southern Tier NY and Northern Tier PA, offering 60 college courses to more than 2,000 students.

Today, the ACE Office at SUNY Corning offers two types of courses: Accelerated College Education (ACE) courses offered to students at their high schools, taught by their high school faculty; and College Enrollment Online (CEO) courses, taught online asynchronously to students by full-time SUNY Corning faculty.

For more information, please email us at or call (607)-962-9533.