For more information, please email us at ace@corning-cc.edu or call (607)-962-9533.

Students who have met the prerequisites for the ACE course and have been recommended by the ACE teacher. (Once enrolled in the course, students have the choice of enrolling for both college credit and high school credit OR taking the course for high school credit only.)
Yes! The curriculum and textbooks are the same as used in accredited courses taught on the CCC campus.
Only high school teachers who have been approved by the academic divisions of CCC and the Provost are allowed to teach ACE courses. Because the college has reviewed the academic credentials of each approved teacher and works closely with that teacher throughout the year, CCC is confident that ACE courses meet all college standards.
ACE credits are tuition free for high school students for the 2020-2021 academic year and there are no additional fees. However, books and supplies may be an additional cost; check with your local high school.

There are many financial advantages of taking ACE courses in high school.

  • Courses are FREE tuition for the 2020-2021 academic year.
  • ACE credits reduce the cost and time of earning an Associates or Bachelors degree, which may mean the students need to borrow less (or even no) money, thus reducing student loan debt.
No. All courses are taught at the high school during the day.

Students enrolled in ACE course(s) earn college credit and an official college transcript. Students may also receive high school credit for the course. The high school credit is determined by the high school.

It doesn't happen automatically. The student must request that CCC send an official transcript to his/her college.
No. Transfer credit meets the requirements of taking that course at another college and counts toward degree requirements.
Probably not. Most colleges transfer credit but not grades. A grade point average at one college usually excludes grades earned at other colleges.
No. They may enroll full time (earning 12 or more college credits each semester) or enroll part time (earning up to 11 credits each semester).
Yes. A high school student enrolled at a two-year college who completes at least 12 credit hours of associate degree course work with the required cumulative 3.5 GPA, and who is currently enrolled in at least one 3 credit course, is eligible for membership.
  • Some plan to eliminate their freshman year, saving a considerable amount of time and money.
  • Some wish to lighten their first and second year at college, feeling they would do better academically with less pressure.
  • Some wish to get required courses out of the way so they can take more electives at college.
  • Some are able to accomplish a double major in four years.
No. School districts provide textbooks at no cost to the student and tuition is free as long as your certificate of residency is turned in.