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There are more than 36 participating area high schools offering SUNY CCC college credit in their high school with certified high school instructors.

There is an High School CEO (College Education Online) Program with courses offered to high school students online taught by SUNY CCC faculty and adjunct professors. All ACE courses offered to high school students are tuition-free for the 2021-2022 academic year. 


ACE Handbook 2021-22
ACE Drop and Withdrawal Dates 2021-2022
Participating High Schools
ACE Courses and Descriptions for 2021-2022
ACE Instructors
Directions for Logging into MyCCC and Entering Grades
ACE Liaisons
Tuition Benefits for ACE Instructors & Dependent's
ACE Roster Verifications (Add and Drops)- Spring rosters due March 11, 2022

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