Undecided Students

Welcome to our SUNY CCC community. We can help you explore your interests and strengths. If you are undecided about your future academic and/or career plans or a career direction that engages you, our Career Services team is here to provide guidance and support. We'll help you identify an area of study and future career pursuits that fit your needs. Your success is our priority!

To make a good decision,
you actually need to think about it, 
the contours and the consequences.

— Stacey Abrams

We are here to help you.

Undeclared/Undecided Student Process at SUNY Corning Community College 

Unsure? SUNY CCC's admission application has an Undecided/Undeclared option for you.

If you plan to join the workforce after completing your degree at SUNY CCC, then select the undecided/unsure option when choosing your area of study on the SUNY CCC application. Career Services will talk with you about the next steps so we can make sure you're enrolled in the right classes.

If you know you want to transfer after SUNY CCC, and have an idea of the general area of study you wish to pursue, then we recommend considering the following programs: 

  • Interested in Science, Computing, Engineering, or Mathematics?
    Select Liberal Arts and Sciences: Mathematics and Science A.S. 
  • All other general transfer interests? 
    Select Liberal Arts and Sciences: Humanities and Social Sciences A.S. 
  • Unsure? Select one of the above. When you meet with an Academic Pathway Advisor, you can change your program of study.

1) APPLY NOW to SUNY Corning Community College.

2) If you indicated on your application to SUNY CCC that you are undecided on your academic plans, you will receive an email from SUNY CCC's Academic Pathways Advisor, Jadie Case, with instructions to complete the FOCUS2 Interest Inventory. If you did not select Undecided/Undeclared, please email Jadie Case at jcase11@corning-cc.edu and let her know you would like to start working with her to identify potential career and academic paths.

FOCUS 2 guides users through a reliable, intuitive career and education decision-making model to help them choose a college, select a major, explore occupations, make informed career decisions and take action in their career development.

While completing FOCUS2 is not required we recommend completing this prior to meeting with our Academics Pathway Advisor.

3) Your next step is to schedule a meeting with our Academics Pathway Advisor to discuss what you hope to accomplish while at SUNY CCC and review your FOCUS2 results. During this initial meeting you may schedule classes once we have identified the most appropriate pathway to start you on. We understand your pathway may change as you work more with your academic advisor. We will work with you to select coursework and a degree program that keeps your options open if you remain unsure after completing FOCUS2. It is very important you let your advisor know that you are still undecided or unsure about your pathway ... they will be able to assist you moving forward.

The scheduling may be delayed while we have you complete some of the other steps in this process but that will be decided between you and Academics Pathway Advisor during your initial meeting. This initial meeting can take place in person, over the telephone, or via a video conference (please indicate when you schedule this meeting what your preference is).

4) For those who did not attend the Career Development Course over summer or winter break or did attend and are still unsure of what career or academic area they plan to pursue, we encourage you to participate in the following activities to learn more about potential career paths:

a. Career Forums – attend on-campus information sessions about various careers and learn about people in these career fields, how they got where they are, what led them to choose their career, and find out more about what the career is like first-hand from someone in the career field.
b. Job Shadowing
c. Career Development Courses
d. Career Development Workshops
e. Speaking with faculty in your field

5) Throughout the academic year and between semesters Career Services and the Educational Advising Center team are always available to meet with you. There will also be opportunities to attend group workshops and individual career development related activities.

Contact Information
Transfer and Career Services
Location: Commons Building, M210

Jadie Case, Career Pathway Advisor
Location: Commons Building, M210