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The Spring 2024 HS CEO Courses and their descriptions are below: 
Classes Start 2/5/24 and end approximately 5/24/24. 

NOTE:  HLTH 1207- will start on 1/22/24-5/18/24

These courses have no tuition cost to the student, although the books/fees are the responsibility of the student. Please check the email you registered with for important information regarding the course.

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Representative works of architecture, painting and sculpture in Western art from the Renaissance to the present for increased aesthetic perception. (3 cr. hrs.) (Spring). Prerequisite: Eligible to take ENGL 1010. Writing in the content area. Meets SUNY General Education requirements in Western Civilization, Humanities, or The Arts. (Grade level - 10-12th; No books/materials are required) 3 cr hrs.  Instructor: Jay McIntosh
Vocabulary and concepts of accounting and bookkeeping for the small business.  Provides some knowledge of accounting for working in a business environment and some skills to do the accounting in a small business organization.(4 cr. hrs.)  Cannot be taken for credit if credit has already been earned for ACCT 1030. (Grade level- 10-12th; Book to purchase) 4 cr hrs.

Effective techniques for oral and written communications. Analyzing and writing letters, memos, and business reports. Proficiency in language mechanics will be assessed.  (Grade level- 10-12th; Book to purchase)  3 cr. hrs.  Instructor: Karin Larabee

Agencies and processes in the criminal justice system – legislature, police, prosecutor, public defender, courts and corrections. Roles and problems of law enforcement in a democratic society, component interrelations and checks and balances. (Grade level 11-12th; Book to purchase) 3 cr. hrs.  Instructor: Vinny Fanzo

Essay writing course designed to advance critical, analytical, and writing abilities begun in ENGL 1010. Literary analysis and interpretation on works of fiction, poetry, and drama.
(3 cr. hrs.)  Meets General Education requirement in Humanities and Basic Communication. (Grade level - 12th: Prerequisite3 - ENGL 1010) $10 book fee  Instructor: Emily Skjold


 U.S. macroeconomic goals, the American market system, price determination, distribution of income, government taxation and spending, national income accounting, fiscal policy, and monetary policy. 
(3 cr. hrs.)   Upper-level course.  Meets General Education requirement in Social Sciences. (Grade level-11-12th; HS GPA 85% or higher) ; Book to purchase  Instructor: Robert Kephart II
End of the Civil War to the present. Topics include: industrial-urbanization, racism, sexism, the new manifest destiny, political changes, and the growth of a modern nation. (3 cr. hrs.)  Meets General Education requirement in American History (Grade level 11-12th); Book to purchase

A comprehensive course addressing the current health problems facing our society, focusing on behavioral health strategies for prevention; risk reduction; and basic principles and practices involved with attaining and maintaining optimal personal health and wellness. (3 cr. hr); (Grade level- 11-12th); No materials to purchase  Instructor: Ramona Miller

An intuitive approach to statistics. Analysis and description of numerical data using frequency distributions, histograms and measures of central tendency and dispersion, elementary theory of probability with applications of binomial and normal probability distributions, sampling distributions, confidence intervals, hypothesis testing, chi-square, linear regression, and correlation. The statistical computer language Minitab will be used. (4 cr. hrs.) Graphing calculator required; Texas Instruments TI-83 or TI-84 recommended (Grade level - 11-12th); Prerequisite- HS Math/Algebra2 Trig; Book fee $10  Instructor: Kevin Martz

An introduction to mass media, its influences on society, and the business of mass media. The media will include the Internet, digital media, digital gaming, sound recording, broadcast and print media. The business of mass media includes advertising, public relations, and media economics, along with ethical expression.(3 cr hrs) (Grade level 11-12th); Book fee - $10  Instructor: Dan Coble

An introduction to psychology. Includes scientific 
method, measurement in psychology, motivation, 
learning, thinking and problem solving, perception, 
behavior disorders and varieties of treatment, 
biological basis of behavior, social determinants of 
behavior, human development and personality. 
Assignments. Prerequisites: Eligible to enroll in ENGL 
1010 (HS GPA 85% or higher).  Meets SUNY General  Education requirement in Social Sciences and SUNY Core  Competencies in Critical Thinking and Reasoning, and  Information Literacy Credits 3; (Grade level: 11-12th); Book to purchase    Instructor : Patty Schultz

Social and cultural factors in the origin, structure, and 
functioning of group life. Sub-divisions to be 
emphasized include social structure, culture, 
socialization, institutions, and stratification. 
Prerequisites: Eligible to enroll in ENGL 1010 (HS GPA 85% or  higher). Meets SUNY General Education requirement in  Social Sciences and SUNY Core Competency in Critical 
Thinking and Reasoning. (Grade level- 11-12th); Book fee $10  Instructor: Daniela Medina

A thorough analysis of the language; intensive discussion of grammar, usage, style and vocabulary, enhancing expression through composition, oral reports and more informed class discussions and conversations. 
(4 cr. hrs.)  Lecture/recitation/laboratory.  Essential for Spanish majors who plan to take upper-level language and literature studies.  Upper-level course.  Meets General Education requirements in Foreign Languages. (Grade level-11-12th; Prerequisite - SPAN 2010); Book to purchase  Instructor: Christine Fischer


Develops self-awareness and audience awareness 
through oral presentation. Organize and present 
material in a variety of speaking occasions, including 
information, visualization, demonstration, 
argumentation, persuasion. Lecture/Presentations. 
Meets SUNY General Education requirement in Oral 
Communication. (Grade level: 11-12th); Book fee $10  Instructor: Ryan Hersha