Andover Central School

ACE courses offered 2023-2024

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An intuitive approach to statistics. Analysis and description of numerical data using frequency distributions, histograms and measures of central tendency and dispersion, elementary theory of probability with applications of binomial and normal probability distributions, sampling distributions, confidence intervals, hypothesis testing, chi-square, linear regression, and correlation. Spreadsheet application and other appropriate technology will be used. A graphing calculator without a CAS (Computer Algebra System) is required; Texas Instruments TI-83 or TI-84 recommended. 

Prerequisites: Eligible for ENGL 1010, MATH 1150 or higher. MATH 1150, 1215, or 1230 or higher MEET the prerequisite for MATH 1310. Meets SUNY General Education requirement in Mathematics and Quantitative Reasoning.

Credits 4

The characteristics of elementary real functions including algebraic and graphical analysis, inequalities, absolute values, logarithms, trigonometry of real numbers, plane analytic geometry, polar coordinates, complex numbers and Binomial Theorem. Cannot take both MATH 1411-1412 and 1413 for credit. A graphing calculator without a CAS (Computer Algebra System) is required; Texas Instruments TI-83 or TI-84 recommended. Meets SUNY General Education requirements in Mathematics and Quantitative Reasoning. 

Prerequisites: MATH 1411

Credits 4

Development of facility in reading, writing, speaking, and understanding the language through a systematic review of its structure. Representative readings as an introduction to Spanish civilizations. Prerequisite: SPAN 1020 or equivalent or three years of Regents high school Spanish. Lecture/Recitation/Laboratory. Upper-level course. Meets Meets SUNY General Education requirement in World Languages.

Credits 4

A thorough analysis of the language; intensive discussion of grammar, usage, style and vocabulary, enhancing expression through composition, oral reports, and more informed class discussions and conversations.

Prerequisite: SPAN 2010 or equivalent. Lecture/Recitation/Laboratory. Essential for Spanish majors who plan to take upper-level language and literature studies. Upper level-course.

Credits 4