Engineering Dreams

When Daniel Beilman ’17 imagined his future in high school, it didn’t include bugs: He wanted to be a Zoologist. He even studied Zoology at SUNY Oswego. However, due to the increased focus on parasites and insects, Daniel decided Zoology was not for him. Realizing that the lab work involved in Zoology was actually his true passion, he decided to make a career change, shifted his focus toward chemistry and engineering, and enrolled at SUNY Corning Community College.

The Kerhonkson, N.Y., native is now a Measurements Technician in a science lab at Corning Incorporated. He works at the Center for Fiber-Optic Testing (CFT); the reference laboratory for all of the optical fiber production facilities. In the CFT, Daniel performs the official optical measurements of the fiber properties for new product development, red flag testing, qualification, and verification for process changes on current products.

Daniel plans to further his education by enrolling in the Alfred University Inamori School of Engineering. An engineering degree would allow him to make an easy transition into Measurements or Product Engineering, a challenge Daniel welcomes.

“Being a Measurements Engineer appeals to me most because I enjoy building unique systems and solving all of the technical problems,” said Daniel.

He is also open to becoming a Product Engineer due to the abundance of chemistry and materials science involved­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­ ̶ both interests that fueled his decision to attend SUNY Corning Community College in 2015.

After enrolling at SUNY CCC, Daniel majored in Chemical Technology and spent the next two years finessing his lab skills. He landed a job working on a contingent basis at Corning Inc. during his sophomore year at SUNY CCC. He worked in the Environmental Technologies before switching to Corning Optical Communications after graduation.

Daniel believes the relationship between SUNY CCC and Corning Inc. is unique and important to maintain. The relationship benefits students as well as the community.

“The effort everyone from both sides puts into the program is amazing,” said Daniel. “The relationship created an opportunity for me that allowed me to develop skills that are crucial in my current and future roles.”