One To Watch

Lori J. (Swift) Brockway has been one to watch for years. While in high school, she studied for a year in Mexico as a Rotary Exchange Student. In 2004, she joined the Navy where she completed a tour in the Persian Gulf (Operation Iraqi Freedom) as an Information System Technician in Network Security. She was awarded Sailor of the Quarter and Sailor of the Year honors. 

After her enlistment, Lori returned to the area and attended CCC where she received an Associate’s degree in Liberal Arts in 2010. She was a participant in CCC’s Student Leadership Program. She continued her education at SUNY Brockport, majoring in International Relations. She interned at the United Association of Rochester (UNAR) and participated in a Winter Exchange in Europe.
After earning her Bachelor’s degree, Lori attended the University at Albany where she interned at the NYS Department of Homeland Security Emergency Services before receiving her Master’s degree in Latin American and Caribbean Studies. 

Lori briefly accepted a job at Pinkerton as a Global Risk Analyst. From there,  she secured a position at a.i. solutions working for NASA as a Security Analyst, serving as the Lead Policy Analyst for the Information Technology Security Division 

Currently, Lori, who lives in the DC metro area, works for Rolling Bay LLC as a program analyst in the Office of Special Intelligence for the Department of Justice. She works collaboratively to ensure proper analytics and tracking of various high-level national and international cases and continues to write policy for the Office of Special Intelligence. 

Lori received "The One-to-Watch Award" from CCC in 2017.