Perry Housing Preferences

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We're excited you'll be joining us in Perry Hall. Let us know your housing preferences by July 29 (for housing starting in the fall) or January 5 (for housing starting in the spring).

Preferences submitted after those dates may not be honored.

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Please select your personal interests above. Your interests help us match you to roommates and suitemates with some of the same interests. Below are the descriptions of each option. You may select more than one interest by holding down the shift key when you click
  • Social Issues

Students with interests in conversations about social issues will build a community through shared interest in topics such as human rights and dignity, diversity and inclusion, politics and advocacy, and economics and business. A sample of potential interests might be social justice, advocacy, civic engagement, breaking news, voting, criminal justice, LGBTQ+ issues, gender issues.

  • Sports

Students who have a common love of sports, whether that be playing or watching. Students only need to share the love of sports. A sample of potential interests might be watching sporting events, playing intramural events or casual athletic games, rule or game interpretation, or attending athletic events.

  • Entertainment

Students with interests in topics related to entertainment. Some common topics include gaming, films, Harry Potter, sci-fi, Star Wars, music, gaming, or live theater. A sample of potential interests might be video or board gaming, science fiction, books, comic books, movies, or concerts.

  • Arts

Students who have an interest in exploring their creative and expressive side. Students looking to express their creativity, allowing them to express their creative side through painting, music, dance, and more. A sample of potential interests might be music, instruments, theater, musicals, painting, animation, crafts or DIY, karaoke, dance, or writing.

  • Science

Students with interests in, or will be majoring in a field of science, technology, engineering, or mathematics (STEM). Connected by their professional and academic goals and general interest, residents will have the opportunity to engage conversations about these topics and share mutual interest in the sciences. A sample of potential interests might be technology, engineering, math, robotics, computers, health care, or nursing.

  • Health & Well-being

Students who value health and well-being in a variety of different ways. Whether it is fitness, mindfulness, nutrition, or anything in between, residents will be connected through their appreciation and excitement for personal wellness. A sample of potential interests might be fitness, nutrition, meditation, sports, yoga, or mental health.