Student Association Elections By-Laws


The announcement of elections will take place at a predetermined SAGA in the spring semester. Petitions will be available at this time from the SAGA Vice-President and/or Director of Student Services.  Each person requesting a petition will receive an official election packet which will include all predetermined dates as mentioned below.


All candidates must have a petition with at least 50 signatures from current SUNY Corning Community College students in order to secure candidacy. Campaigning may begin once a candidate has submitted the signed petition to the Student Trustee. Petitions will be accepted until the end of a predetermined SAGA meeting of the spring semester.

Petitions will begin to be accepted following a predetermined SAGA meeting in the spring semester.


During the Open Forum, candidates will verbalize their platforms. This Forum will be held at a predetermined SAGA meeting in the spring semester.


The election will take place ten business days after the Open Forum when classes  are in session. Online voting will be open for two days during the spring semester.  Announcements and postings will provide notification of voting dates.  Campaigning may continue through the elections and in compliance with New York State voting regulations.