Budget Committee By-Laws


The Committee is responsible for:

  1. Reviewing all annual budget requests submitted by the clubs/organizations and other entities funded by the Student Activity Fee.
  2. Allocating funds in a way that will yield their most productive use.

The club/organization or funded entity will submit to SAEB a budget proposal for approval. Once approved, SAEB will submit the proposal to SAGA for approval. Once approved by SAGA, the budget will be presented to Faculty Student Association (FSA) for approval.


Fall Semester – The Committee will consist of SAEB.

Spring Semester – The Committee will consist of SAEB.


During the regular academic year, clubs/organizations and other entities may request additional funding from SAGA. Requests can be completed using this form.


  1. Any member who misses two consecutive meetings will lose his/her stipend and their voting rights.
  2. In a case where extenuating circumstances are claimed, stipend and voting privileges may be reinstated by approval of ¾ of the Committee members.
  3. A member must be present for at least half of each meeting to be considered in attendance.